Hunter Culinary Association delivers a superior culinary experience across its annual calendar of events for its members and guests.

Each year, we organise two seasonal lunches, an autumn and spring lunch. The lunches begin with a workshop aimed at educating apprentices, members and guests about the new trends, produce and technology being used in the industry and our events consistently attract some of Australia’s finest guest chefs.

It is an opportunity for guest chefs to share their knowledge, talent, experience and passion with local apprentices, members and guests.

The annual Food Fight is the signature calendar event organised each year by Hunter Culinary Association. Four chefs, each at the top of their game, will prepare one lunch course. Each course will be matched with a Hunter Valley wine, and guests will be tasked with voting for the dish they preferred at the end of the gourmet feast.

Hunter Culinary Association also runs competitions, scholarships and award programs as well as Produce Tours and workshops. See full calendar of events below.

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Entries close Friday 16th August 2019

Designed, with our Partners TAFE NSW, to introduce apprentices to an atmosphere of competition and working under pressure in a kitchen, but in a closed environment where guidance and tutoring can be provided without the pressure of performing external of the TAFE environment

Stage 1 Apprentices
This is a mentored cooking experience offering guidance from an industry professional to reduce the pressures of competition. A great learning experience for all apprentices and an opportunity to prepare Stage 1 students for full competition. Entrants will be given a set box of ingredients to prepare 1 dish on the day – with dish & full list of available ingredients sent to out prior to the day so there are no surprises.

Stage 2 & 3 Apprentices
Open to all 2nd and 3rd year apprentices to compete in a friendly and supported environment. You will get the chance showcase your skills learned at TAFE and within your workplace and meet other like-minded apprentices in your industry. This also helps hone your skills to perhaps compete for the Brett Graham scholarship.

All apprentices will receive feedback on the day as well as a participation certificate. Prizes will also be awarded for first 3 places in both categories.

Select ENTRY FORM for full Cookery competition details.


Entries close Friday 23rd August 2019

This is open to suitably experienced Front of House professionals in the Hunter Region. The scholarship will provide a financial component of $5,000 for the recipient to further their hospitality experience. This may be for travel to better their knowledge by experiencing alternative outstanding dining and service, overseas culinary education or further training and development.

The runner up will receive a $1,000 contribution towards a Wine and Spirit Educational Trust qualification.


This Scholarship was introduced in 2017 by the Hunter Culinary Association and TAFE NSW and is aimed at developing our up and coming Front of House professionals by encouraging and supporting them in their chosen field. The winner will receive an educational opportunity for a Diploma in Hospitality Management at TAFE NSW - Hamilton Campus.

Select ENTRY FORM for full details on both Scholarships.



Entries close Tuesday 27th August 2019

The Brett Graham Scholarship is a joint initiative between The Hunter TAFE Foundation and the Hunter Culinary Association; together our aim is to nurture young and aspiring apprentice chefs. The Scholarship is inspired by Novocastrian and former TAFE NSW student Brett Graham who now owns, and is Executive Chef at The Ledbury in London, one of the world’s top 50 restaurants.

This Scholarship is open to 2nd & 3rd year TAFE NSW - Hunter Campus students and is valued at over $10,000. Entries are via TAFE NSW and please follow the link to ENTRY FORM for full details.